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Scientific Research Work in 2011

Scientific research work of the Library is aimed at improving the Library activity.

The priority directions of scientific work in 2011 were:
• scientific and bibliographic processing and description of library collections;
• studying the history of the university and the library;
• scientific and bibliographic research of Lviv Polytechnic National University staff and its individual representatives;
• creation of bibliographic lists on historical collections and library collections;
• studying the history of West Ukrainian libraries from the 16th to the early 20th century
• creation of library electronic information environment.

The research work is carried out by librarians from different departments formally united in one scientific group.
The cooperation with the departments of Lviv Polytechnic National University is a cornerstone of improving the Library work. Research work is being done during working time and its results are published in articles and conference reports. Scientific researches are divided into four global topics:

1. Documental Memory of Ukraine. The Book Culture of Galicia: History and Source Base

During “Historiography of Lviv: Historic and Bibliographic Research” database on this topic was created and the writing of bibliographic list on this topic was continued

The article “Mapping of Lviv” (by O. V. Shyshka) was published in the Journal of Geodesy and Cartography and results of this historical and bibliographical research were presented on the conference “Current Problems of Libraries Activity in the Information Society Environment”.

In this year the search work carried out in the library collection was dedicated to the subject of “Publishing in Lviv Polytechnic” (by R. S. Samotyj). The work included de visu examination and analysis of editions with autolithographies. The article was written and presented on the basis of the research.
The analysis of the current situation, trends and prospects of university publishing in Lviv Polytechnic was described in the papers, presented on the conference.
The materials of “Osnova” Student Society (primarily typewritten) were prepared for publishing within the sub-topic “Editorial Work of Press Bureau of Osnova Student Society During Technische Fachkurse (1943-1944)” (by R. S. Samotyj)..

2. Scientific-Bibliographic Processing and Opening of Library Collections

2.1. Bibliographic reconstruction of historical collections and materials of Lviv Polytechnic National University Library

In 2011, the development of sub-topic “Catalogue of Books from Lviv Polytechnic Library Collections for the Period of 1934-1939” (by M. N. Kartasheva; research manager: I. Belous) was continued. Over 9500 titles had been entered into the UFD / Library database catalogue. Editing of Bibliographic descriptions was conducted. Nowadays, part VI of pre-war foreign catalogue is formed by 100%.

In the paper “Retrospective Research on Collections of Lviv Polytechnic Scientists and Mathematicians Works (1844-1939)” (by I. O. Belous) selection from various sources, including catalogues from Lviv libraries, Polish databases and electronic catalogues Poland were selected. Five hundred and sixty books were bibliographically described and entered into a computer database. 56 illustrations were prepared during 2011. Bibliography index was peer-reviewed by professor P. I. Kalenyuk, the director of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences and sent to the publisher.

The research on the history of the library collection formation, which involved study on personal libraries and their role in the formation of the Library had been continued. One of these personal libraries was a collection of world famous inventor Jan Szczepanik (researched by I. O. Belous).

An index of bibliographic descriptions for 477 publications (656 cards), including 83 albums of IV-X formats, 15 rare books and 4 manuscripts was created during the process of material exploration. The presentation and article on this topic were showed by M. Kartasheva on the conference.

2.2. Biobibliography of Lviv Polytechnic National University scientists

Recent additions to the library collection form a “Scientists and Staff of Lviv Polytechnic” database. The database is the ground for yearbook “Publications of Lviv Polytechnic National University”, which includes bibliographic descriptions of books, manuals, textbooks, teaching materials, as well as analytical descriptions of articles from journals, magazines, research papers, collections of conference materials, seminars, workshops, information on bibliographies, published reviews and non-fiction articles.
Close cooperation between the Library and University departments results in continuously updating lists of publications and articles. They are used to create a yearbook of publications of scientists and staff of Lviv Polytechnic reports.
In 2011 bibliography index of Lviv Polytechnic scientists “Publications of Lviv Polytechnic National University in 2010” had grown to 769 pages, so traditional “Addition to Publications of Lviv Polytechnic National University in 2009” was published as a single book.

“Biobibliography of Lviv Polytechnic National University scientists” series shows scientific contribution of outstanding scientists and provides bibliographic data and literature references on life and work of above mentioned persons.
In 2011, personal indexes on works of such Lviv Polytechnic scientists as A. Zavhorodniy, V. Pavlysh and V. Pasichnyk and memorial edition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of S. Posatsky were published.

Bibliography index “History of Lviv Polytechnic” is a consolidated information resource summarising numerous printed materials on the establishment and existence of the institution. The history of the University is presented in a bibliographic way, containing the historiography and source information.
The structure of the index consists of three sections. The first section covers the period of history of Lviv Polytechnic from 1844 to 1944. The second section covers years from 1944 to 1991 and the third one deals with the period from 1991 to the present day. Each section is divided into sub-topics, containing the literature on history of the departments, institutes, unions and research institutions, information on student educational and research activities as well as on cultural and sporting life.
Library staff is continuously reviewing the bibliographic sources, in order to select those that contain information about the activities of Lviv Polytechnic. Significant part of the index is material from “Audytoriya” weekly, which for a long time plays a role of Lviv Polytechnic diary and reflects the most important events in the life of the University. Structure of the index is constantly updated, and new sections based on the topic relevance are created.

During 2011 about 376 sources have been reviewed, from which 6745 documents has been bibliographically described in order to update the “History of Lviv Polytechnic” index database. Along with above mentioned process the bibliographic descriptions editing during the reporting period amounted 7,792 positions. During the entire period of work on “History of Lviv Polytechnic” index 10,925 documents were described and 9,645 bibliographic descriptions were created.

3. Library Science Problems

Research direction “Library Science Problems” is divided into few topics: “Scientific Library of Lviv Polytechnic National University”, “Development of Libraries in Western Ukraine from in 18-20 centuries”, “Preservation of the Library Collection: Current State and Perspectives”, “Creation of Library Electronic Information Environment as a Knowledge Base for Information Support for Research and Training Processes”.

3.1. History of Librarianship in Galicia in 18-20 centuries

During the study on the Scientific Library of Lviv Polytechnic National University I. O. Belous has investigated the subject of creating the collection of International Federation of Technical and Professional Press. R. S. Samotyj and H. K. Beliavska have conducted the research on archive materials connected with the history of Lviv Polytechnic Institute in 1940s.

In 2011, the research on cultural work at Lviv Polytechnic National University began. L. Nayda has prepared one article based on the results of this research.

Research work on the history of libraries in Western Ukraine is represented by the paper “Scientific Libraries of Lviv: Establishment and Formation of Collections (From the End of 18th Century to 1930s)” (N. Kunanets), which was published as a monograph entitled “Librarianship in Western Ukraine (18th century – 1939)”. Monograph describes, in chronological order, creation, development and functioning of scientific libraries. The publication presents peculiarities of acquisition and processing of books, their thematic focus and analysis of collection structure.

3.2. Sociological Studies of Library Activity
A sociological research “Study on the Quality of Formation and Use of Information Resources in the Department of Social and Economic Literature” was initiated to improve use of the document collection of the library in 2011 (research manager – R. S. Samotyj).

Researched had been planned in details, its main stages and research doers were approved by methodical council (Minutes № 1 from 24.02.2011). Special literature has been studied, perspective plan, questionnaire form and analytical tables designed.
Such a study allowed studying the composition of users, topical readers' requests and making comparative characteristics of library information resources.

3.3. Preservation of Lviv Polytechnic National University Library Collection: Current State and Perspectives
All available library collections, including an array of publications that are of historical and cultural heritage of our nation are important and valuable sources for providing information for users. That is why progressive preservation work is needed to preserve the collections. Research-based recommendations received after conducting applied research on “Library Collections of Lviv Polytechnic National University: Formation and Preservation” contribute to development of effective conservation measures to target different types of collections depending on the physical condition of the material basis. The research and theoretical work resulted in three types of passports developed: registration, information and service.

In 2010, certification of library depositories was launched to improve efficiency of book storage. Observation had been carried out and “Technical passport for book storage 011” developed.
In the research “Study on the collection in order to select and create digital back-ups of the most valuable books” review of collection arrays containing rare and valuable printings was carried out. In total, more than 2000 copies were looked through. Special form of tables was developed to show results of the work. Tables included a list of inventory numbers of books in need of repair or restoration, and indication of what exactly their constituent material form, as well as works of the first priority for digitization.

R. Samotyj has studied “Życie Technickie” journal from the Scientific Library collection of valuable printings. O. Orobchuk has prepared conference report on the materials of old prints collection.

3.4. Library Science Researches

In 2011, library staff continued to work on a comprehensive interdisciplinary study “Librarianship Principles in Building Construction of Libraries as Functional Complexes” During the reporting period, publications and presentations on the subject was prepared for the annual conferences (by R. S. Samotyj).

Transitional complex research entitled “Development Trends of Ukrainian Librarian Scientists Web Publishing from the Position of Informetrics” has started within which six articles and presentations for scientific conferences were prepared (by S. A. Nazarovets).

Library staff has analysed experience of different technological areas of library work connected with UFD/Library system usage, namely stages of an electronic catalogue creation (N. Srebrodolska), editing records in an electronic catalogue (Z. Koval’), automated book loan (L. Yaremchuk). Systematised and processed material was published as three conference articles.

4. Creation of library electronic information environment as a knowledge base for information support for research and educational processes

In the course of “UFD/Library Automated System Introduction” continuous programmer support is provided to all the processes of UFD automated system. Disclosure of document and information resources was conducted by updating our own database and presenting of proceeded materialsthrough a local and global information networks. Technologies, which enable users to edit Library Electronic Catalogue and assess its quality were designed and applied. Book provision module works and monitors information supply of disciplines, studied at The University. Moreover, hybrid reading room has specialised workplace for academic departments’ employees to work directly with literature list on disciplines. Employees of academic departments can receive coefficients of book provision, which can be used in the process of department or specialty accreditation. Web module of recommended literature is designed to minimise time of literature selection. An introduction of recommended literature module gave an opportunity to expand sphere of library automated processes and make information supply quicker and more efficient.

During 2011 the Library staff continued monitoring informative value of information resources. Creative team working in this direction was extended. The subject “Architectural Design and Library Information Technology Services for Users of Lviv Polytechnic National University” involves the improvement of reference and information services. Process of creating sources of bibliographic information and relative electronic resources formation is one of the priorities of the library work. Databases “History of Lviv Polytechnic University”, “Scientists and Staff of Lviv Polytechnic National University”, “Index of Library Science Materials”.

A workflow system between the Library and Lviv Polytechnic Publishing was designed and optimised in order to provide Library with regularly received electronic versions of documents published by the Publisher. Library site structure was updated to improve its information value and to simplify algorithm for site usage.

Electronic Scientific Archive. Dspace software was chosen as the basis of Lviv Polytechnic Institutional Repository, because it is free software distributed under the GNU license, which is used for creating and managing open archives.
The archive includes about 10,000 full-text documents such as conference proceedings and publications. The analysis of the information flow during the processing of documents in electronic archive was conducted and the criteria needed to edit the content of an electronic archive and optimal ways of editing procedures were developed. Editorial team works around the repository content.

Library Scientific Publishing

Library scientific publishing activity mirrors in the preparation and publication of bibliography listings of Lviv Polytechnic researchers and in the description and compilation of the University activities for the entire period of its history. In 2011, “Publications of Lviv Polytechnic National University in 2010” and “Addition to Publications of Lviv Polytechnic National University in 2009” were issued. Library also published bibliography indexes of the following researchers: Anatoliy Zagorodniy, Bohdan Posatsky, Volodymyr Pasichnyk, and Volodymyr Pavlysh.
Bibliography index “Prominent Scientists and Mathematicians of Lviv Polytechnic (1844-1939)” has been prepared for publication.

Library staff continues work on creating bibliographic index “History of Lviv Polytechnic”, which is planned to be published in 2014.

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