Scientific work

The research work is aimed at improving the functioning of the library. The research is conducted by employees of various structural units formally united into one creative group. For the fulfillment of the task the permanent cooperation with the departments of the Lviv Polytechnic National University was established. Scientific research is carried out within working hours, and its results are published in the form of articles, monographs, bibliographic publications and speeches at conferences.

The research work of the library is carried out following such global problems. 

"Documentary Memory of Ukraine"

  • galicia's book culture: history, source base;
  • publishing activity of Lviv Polytechnic.

"Scientific and Bibliographic Processing and Disclosure of Library Funds"

  • bibliographic reconstruction of historical collections and collections of the library of Lviv Polytechnic National University;
  • biobibliography of scientists of Lviv Polytechnic National University;
  • the formation of the database "History of Lviv Polytechnic (1844-2009)".


"Problems of Library Studies"

  • the history of the library business of Galicia XVIII – beginning of the XX century;
  • preservation of library funds of Lviv Polytechnic National University: state and prospects;
  • librarianship principles of organization of library buildings as functional complexes;
  • trends in the development of the Web-publications’ flow of Ukrainian librarians from the standpoint of infometry;
  • creation of the electronic-information environment of the library as a scientific base for information support of research and teaching processes;
  • marketing research - a component of users’ needs studying.


Problems of library processes’ informatization

  • studying the capabilities of integrated library systems;
  • development and implementation of library electronic services;
  • development and implementation of library web-systems.

Scientific and methodical work

  • scientific and methodological support of library staff’s research work;
  • scientific and methodological support of the leading processes of the library and the main technological processes.

Working group on the creation of the Lviv Polytechnic Encyclopedia 

The Scientific Library has created a working group for the preparation of materials for the publication of the "Lviv Polytechnic Encyclopedia". The main areas of work of the Group are research and editorial-publishing work. The Group is a temporarily established structural unit of The Scientific Library and consists of library staff and is engaged in the following activities:

  • Search and preparation of materials for the Lviv Polytechnic Encyclopedia.
  • Cooperation with university departments in order to obtain information on the history of the university.
  • Study of biographical data from archives of personal files of university employees.
  • Work with the biobibliographic database of the Electronic Lviv Polytechnic Encyclopedia.
  • Analysis and updating of information from the history of the university in the existing publications.
  • Writing and editing biographs, thematic and biographical articles for the encyclopedia.
  • Submission of articles’ manuscripts, preparation for recruitment and proofreading.