Культурно-просвітницька робота бібліотеки

Cultural-educational work of the library of the institution of higher education is a part of the educational system of the university. It promotes the development and upbringing of the moral qualities of the individual, develops a sense of humanism, orientation towards Ukrainian culture, language, national and patriotic traditions. The advertising of the institution is carried out mostly with the help of basic cultural and educational means. These tools contribute to the image of the library in society. It is a whole system of events, which includes the preparation of book information exhibitions (in traditional and electronic form), which is already moving into the field of scientific and educational activities; organization of scientific and educational actions, which accompany the solemn opening of bookish-informational exhibitions; presentations of scientific literature; preparation of electronic presentations; electronic versions of events, presentations of books, lectures, meetings with scientists, writers and prominent personalities.


The aim and tasks of cultural-educational work:

  • formation of a cultural personality;
  • formation of positive attitude towards national and universal values among young people;
  • engagement to reading as much student youth as possible.


The main tasks of the cultural-educational work of the library are:


  • creation of a unified comprehensive system of student youth’s education, using scientific and literary and artistic information resources of the library;
  • storage and enhancement of the cultural traditions of the library and the university;
  • encouraging students to read through the popularization of classical works of national and world literature;
  • affirmation of the priority of national culture in the educational work with the obligatory mastering of universal values.


Main directions of cultural-educational work:

  • critical-analytical methods: debates, discussion of books, Q&A evenings, "round tables";
  • positive-illustrative ways: evening-meetings, evening-portraits, themed evenings, literary evenings, thematic excursions on the pages of books;
  • recommendatory-informational methods: book presentations, verbal journals, thematic bibliographic reviews and reviews-lectures, literary, historical, pedagogical reading.


Cultural-educational work’s support organizational structure

The evidence of the effectiveness of cultural-educational activities is the purposeful expansion of ties with other organizations and institutions. Educational work is carried out in close coordination with the head’s assistants of educational work institutes, group curators, Narodniy Dim Prosvita, Prosvita Society of the Lviv Polytechnic National University, and the Forum of Publishers in Lviv. Department of fiction literature and educational work leads the cultural-educational work, coordinates between the departments of the library, maintains a connection with the relevant structures of the university.


The department's activities are aimed at the following projects:


  • organization and holding of book exhibitions, literature reviews;
  • reading of the literature;
  • book presentations, series of meetings with poets and writers, meetings in the framework of the annual Book Publishers Forum in Lviv;
  • carrying out traditional literary and artistic events devoted to outstanding events in the history of the state development, commemorative dates of the year.


Focusing on the new user, one must update the traditional forms of work and introduce new forms of popularization of printed publications:

  • on the basis of the use of modern information and communication technologies, the introduction of new forms of exhibit of documents in libraries - a virtual (online, electronic) exhibition;
  • systematically placing virtual reviews of new acquisitions on the library website;
  • video lectures with the use of verbal journals: "Women in the fate and works of T. Shevchenko", "String of the poetic lyre" (Lesya Ukrainka’s intimate lyric) and the implementation of the virtual travel through the pages of their life and creativity with the help of multimedia.